2007 International Opto-Electronic Week,20~22th,Nov,2007

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    COEMA 's annually activity-- International Opto-Electronic Week 2007, this activity will be held in 20~22th,NOv,2007,include:

    -Two opto-electronic exhibitions:

1¡¢China International Opto-electronic Explosion
Exhibits Scope:
LED Display: LED Screen, OLED Display, LED Display appliance
LCD Display: LCD Display Products, LCD Screen, other LCD Display Products
Photoelectric Display: PDP, DLP, VFD, SED, LCOS, CDT, etc
LED Lighting Component: various LED, LED Component, etc

Exhibits Scope:
Laser Materials¡¢Laser application,

Infrared Materials¡¢Infrared application,

Optical Components, Instruments and Optical Materials,

Optical Communication application


    The 4rd Seminar on Innovation of Laser Devices, Applications and Laser Industry Development
    Organized by COEMA¡¯s laser sub-association and Beijing Optical Society, we invited many academicians, experts, and enterprisers in laser processing, laser treatment field. We also invited a number of manufacturers, doctors, financiers to make reports.

    International Optoelectronics Industry Seminar 2007
    Organized by COEMA and Liquid Crystal sub-association, LED sub-association, LED screen sub-association, overview reports of various subjects will be arranged in this seminar. We unite SPIE, COS£¨Chinese. Optical Society£©£¬PIDA, KAPID, etc to make report for each country¡¯s optoelectronic industry, discuss and analysis global optoelectronic development and hotspot. MII of China, the Ministry of Information Science and technology, Committee of development and innovation, etc will provide guide reports. And we will invite Technology department of Beijing Organizing Committee for the Games of the XXIX Olympiad to make a subject report.

    ASIA INTERPRISE LEAP-Linking Europe and Asia in Photonics
    Supported by EU, Hundreds of companies from Germany, Italy, France and UK, etc will attend this investment meeting. During this meeting, companies from home and abroad made good use of this opportunity to find their potential clients or partners to discuss the investment projects based on their own requirements in the fields of investment, OEM, etc.

     More information about ASIA INTERPRISE LEAP ,please visit: http://www.asiainvest-leap.com/

    ILOPE is the most specialized and superior exhibition in Laser field. We sincerely invite Your Excellency as honored guest to participate in our International Optoelectronics Industry Seminar, or to participate in ILOPE2007 exhibition.

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