China International Optoelectronics Industry exposition &The 11th China International Lasers, Optoelectronics and Photonics£¬Photoelectric Display Products Exhibition(ILOPE2006)

Beijing China¡¤China International Exhibition Center¡¤December 5th ¨C7th,2006

Expo Profile

ILOPE approved by State Council of China, developed and internationalized with China optics industry boom, is the earliest established(1991), highly representative and most authoritative show on Lasers, Optics and Photonics in China. ILOPE is sponsored and organized by China Optics and Optoelectronics Manufacturers Association (COEMA).

Over the past decade, ILOPE has been acting as the fruitful and cost-effective platform for communication and business. LOPE had attracted more than 120 thousand professional visitors. More than 36 countries¡¯ companies have participated in ILOPE2005. It is one of field¡¯s leading expositions in Asia, featuring a large quantity of qualified scientific and commercial visitors, elite participating enterprises, as well as a commerce-driven trade fair designed for the huge market in China.

In recent years, thanks to the advantageous consumption market and the favorable investment environment, the market share of China¡¯s optoelectronics technology and products keeps a high annual increase rate, averagely over 30% in the past five years. At present, China has become one of the most important and the biggest optoelectronics markets for investment, R&D, production and consumption.

ILOPE2006 Highlights
To follow closely with the newest technology, ILOPE2006 change the name with Optoelectronic Industry Expo (Beijing) & China International Lasers, Optoelectronics and Photonics,Photoelectric Display Products Exhibition (ILOPE), and will add new exhibition space: Photoelectric Display and lighting, Optics Communication.
ILOPE2006¡¯s Seminar


   -Four seminars/conferences:

The 3rd Seminar on Innovation of Laser Devices, Applications and Laser Industry Development

    Sponsored by COEMA¡¯s laser sub-council and Beijing Optical Society, the seminar will invite about 100 academicians, experts, and enterprisers in laser processing, laser treatment field. Meanwhile we will also invite a number of manufacturers, doctors, financiers to make a report on the laser applications in their related field.


International Optoelectronics Industry Development Forum

    Sponsored by COEMA and Liquid Crystal sub-council, LED sub-council, LED screen sub-council, and supported by COS, SPIE, OITDA, PIDA, KAPID, the forum will focus on overview reports and trend analysis of various subjects in China in 2006. Meanwhile the supported party from different countries will make an analysis of the trend of optoelectronics in their countries. The trend of the global optoelectronics industry will also be discussed. The responsible person on optoelectronics field in the Ministry of Information Industry, the Ministry of Information Science and technology, the National Development and Reform Commission and Beijing 2008 Project construction headquarters office will present the forum and make the report.


Seminar on Optical and Infrared Technology

    Sponsored by COEMA¡¯s optical components and instruments sub-council and infrared sub-council, and co-organized by Chinese Institute of Electronics, Sensors Technology sub-council of CIE, Chinese Society of Astronautics, Laser & Infrared Technology Information Exchange Organization, the seminar will discuss and exchange view on the technology of optical processing, masking, lasers & Infrared materials.


The 2nd Sino-EU Optoelectronics Enterprises Trade Conference & Match Meeting

    Sponsored by EU Commission, with the support of COEMA, it will attracts about 35 companies from Germany, Italy, France and UK and nearly 50 Chinese counterpart to attend. During the meeting, companies from home and abroad will find the corporation opportunities on technology transform, OEM order, and investment projects on related field.

ILOPE2006¡¯s highlights
A most specialized exposition
A most internationalized exposition
Deep going Technical exchange
High-level economy and trade negotiation
ILOPE2005 Show
There were 389 exhibitors from 13 countries and regions covering 12,000 square meters show space, of which 52 exhibitors were from Canada, Germany, Italy, France, Japan, UK, USA, Taiwan, South Korea, Israel, Russia, Hong Kong respectively.
ILOPE2005 Visitor Profile  

The registered visitors were 12,020, up 16.6% over the previous year, of which 11,270 were from China, 750 visitors from other parts of the world.

ILOPE2005¡¯s Hightlight  
Specialized Exhibition in Laser, Infrared Field

ILOPE2005 significantly exhibit various lasers, and laser¡¯s applications, Infrared products, etc. The exhibition companies made a good technology exchange with visitors.

Successful Sino-EU Trade Conference

Photonics Invest Asia, organized by SPECTRARIS, COEMA and CIEC, attracted 31 EU companies from Germany, Italy, France and UK and 198 Chinese companies to attend this investment meeting. During this meeting, companies from home and abroad made good use of this opportunity to find their potential clients or partners to discuss the investment projects based on their own requirements in the fields of Laser & laser applications, optical components, LCD, LED and fiber communications.

High-level Seminar

The 2nd China Summit forum on Innovation of Laser Devices, Applications and laser Industry Development, organized by Laser Association of COEMA, Beijing Science & Technology Association and Beijing Optical Society, attracted 342 audiences from universities, R&D center and leading laser devices manufacturers. Five academicians from China Academy of Sciences and nine experts from the universities and leading companies were invited to deliver a speech to share their views on the trend of fiber laser and semiconductor laser, and radio frequency CO2 laser application in manufacturing and medical treatment.

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