Simple analysis of Chinese laser industry in 2005

Laser Branch of China Optics and Optoelectronics Manufacturers Association


¡®    After more than 40 years, the laser industry is beginning to mature¡¯. With the growth of international micro-electronics, auto and consumables markets, the markets of laser and optoelectronics would achieve a stable progress. The sales amount of global laser product market reached US $5.5 billion in 2005, a slight increase of 1 per cent than 2004.

On the contrary, the Chinese market of laser product became the biggest hotspot in the international laser and optoelectronics industry. The laser industry in China was staying on a better stage as the technology innovation policy had been completely implemented, the development strategy of exploiting western region and (recovering) vigorously developing the northeastern industry base had been deep carried out and the (desire to rebound) demand for modern manufactures, especially equipment manufacture was becoming stronger and stronger in some local governments, the laser product market in China was growing rapidly and stably in 2005. According to the survey on the whole industry made by Laser Branch of COEMA, the statistics and estimation of enterprise questionnaire indicated that the sales amount of laser product (including hologram product) market in China had exceeded 5 billion Yuan and reached 5.40644 billion Yuan. The laser product sales amount was 4.01144 billion Yuan in 2005, an increase of 16.2 per cent year-on-year and a net rise of 559.44 million Yuan more than 2004. Since holography technology has been widely applied to medicine box and cigarette packaging, laser hologram product was rising greatly. The sales amount was 1.395 billion Yuan, a rise of 18.9 per cent and a net growth of 231 million Yuan more than the 1.164 billion Yuan in 2004.


1). The whole situation of Chinese laser industry

Laser technology has been being a high technology supported emphatically by Chinese government. Laser technology was definitely listed among the high technology, which would be developed greatly. The concept could be shown in the nationwide science and technology development layout in 1963, in subsequent 6th Five-Year Plan to 10th Five-Year Plan and in current ¡®2006-2020 nation science and technology medium and long term development layout¡¯ established by nation. China government has listed laser technology as a key support one in 11th Five-Year Plan.

Great progress has been made in Chinese laser technology and many international advanced level research results have been acquired for over forty years. Laser application in China has grown pleasantly due to the untiring efforts of several generations, which would bring an increase of the whole laser market. Laser industrialization has been formed on a scale. In the meantime, many enterprises with strength and scale were emerging, of which 12 enterprises (except hologram product manufactories) possessed the sales amount of over 100 million Yuan. Laser Branch, founded along with COEMA, had collected national representative and influential laser product enterprises as members and the number had reached 230 at the splendid time. Having experienced many years¡¯ market economy selection, over 160 members in possession of technology and economy strength and producing scale are left in Chinese laser industry. At present, total employment number in the whole industry is 40,000, among which 50 per cent are science and technology staff, 14 per cent are management staff and 30 per cent have secondary and senior specialized technique qualifications. A strong industry troop has been formed.


2). The Chinese market situation of major laser product in 2005

  • The market for opto-communication product

Just like opto-communication market, in spite of price drop, the Chinese market for opto-communication product had a steady growth and the sales amount still reached 808.7 million Yuan in 2005, an increase of 31 per cent from a year ago.

  • The market for laser processing product

The Chinese market for laser processing product remained a driving growth trend, which had drawn worldwide attention. The sales amount rose from 1.5015 billion Yuan in 2004 to 1.8168 billion Yuan in 2005, a growth of 21 per cent year-on-year. The major laser processing products contained equipment of laser marking, engraving, cutting welding, and laser heat treatment equipment.

  • The market for laser medical product

The Chinese market for laser medical product retained a steady increase in 2005 and stayed on an even level with 2004. The sales amount reached 239.8 million Yuan, only a rise of 2 per cent. A slight growth was caused mainly in laser cosmetic equipment and semiconductor laser therapy instrument.

  • The market for laser measurement product

The Chinese market for laser measurement (mainly including measuring distance and collimating) product grew stably and rose to 498.68 million Yuan, a great increase of 28 per cent from 2004.

  • The market for laser device

The market for laser device in China reached 164.56 million Yuan in 2005, an increase of 27 per cent from a year ago; of which most were accessorial to full solid state laser. For semiconductor laser, the number was increasing but the price was still decreasing. Import product had a serious impact on traditional CO2 laser in the markets for widely-used medium-small power processing and medical equipment, which resulted in the equal sales with 2004.

  • Others

The market included such laser accessorial parts as laser crystal, non-linear crystal, laser power supply, laser optical element, and various kinds of modulators. The whole market dropped off except optical element, crystal and power supply in 2005. The sales amount was only 482.9 million Yuan, a fall of 16.6 per cent year-on-year.

  • The market for hologram product

According to the statistics provided by China optics association hologram anti-counterfeiting special committee, the sales amount of the market for hologram product reached 1.395 billion Yuan in 2005 and was more than that in 2004, of which the sales amount of hologram packaging material was leading and reached 1.21 billion Yuan. The sales amount of hologram anti-counterfeiting trademarks had a certain growth, rising to 185 million Yuan.

  • 12 enterprises (except laser hologram) listed as following in laserindustry among which sales amount exceeded 100 million Yuan (put in non-order)

Shenzhen Dazu Laser Science & Technology Development Parent Company (Laser machining)¡¢Wuhan Chutian Laser Limited Stock Company (Laser machining and medical treatment)¡¢Wuhan Middle China Laser Engineering Limited Company (Laser machining and medical treatment)¡¢Wuhan Tuanjie Laser Parent Company (Laser machining)¡¢Dongguan Yuming Science & Technology Limited Co. (Laser machining)¡¢Wuhan Postal Telecom Science Institute (Opto-communication)¡¢Shenzhen Feitong Opt-electronic Limited Co. (Opt-communication)¡¢Jiangsu Shuguang opt-electronics Limited Co. (Laser distance measuring)¡¢Shenyang Dalu Laser Parent Company (Laser machining)¡¢Changzhou Laisai Laser Science & Technology Company (Laser measurement)¡¢Middle China Opt-electronic Science & Technology Company (Laser distance measuring)¡¢Shanghai Tuanjie Puruima Laser Limited Co (Laser machine).

3). The structure of Chinese laser industry and the expectation for sales market in 2006

At present, Chinese major laser product manufactures are mainly distributed in such developed provinces and cities as Hubei, Beijing, Jiangsu, Shanghai and Guangdong (including Shenzhen and Zhuhai special zone). The annual sales amount in each province and city has exceeded 100 million Yuan and that in Hubei province has gone over 1.2 billion Yuan. The annual total amount in these provinces and cities is 90 per cent of total amount of national laser product market. Bodied with the above provinces and cities, Middle China, Bohai Bay-surrounding region, Yangtze River Delta and Zhujiang River Delta, four laser industry bases, have been shaped, which results in the formation of complete industry chain consisting of laser crystal, key parts of apparatus, matched piece, laser, laser system, application development and public serving platform. With 11th Five-Year Plan being deep carried out, it is expected that laser industry in China is bound to grow rapidly, laser manufacture technology level will be greatly heightened and laser can be applied further in the backbone industries of energy, traffic transportation, electronics, metallurgy and mechanics. Independent innovation capability of these industries will be raised in order to keep pace with the globalization and set up a new economic growth point. So, adjusting and optimizing Chinese manufacture industry and enhancing technology innovation ability plays an important role in raising the market competition competence.

The market for Chinese laser product will still lead to a growth tendency and the sales amount (including laser hologram) is expected to reach 6 billion Yuan in 2006. The market for laser processing equipment will still be rising, the sales amount of opt-communication continues to rebound and the market for laser distance measuring, laser measurement and test apparatus will increase stably. Meanwhile, the market for laser medical device will have a certain growth, the revenue of hologram anti-counterfeiting trademark might keep an even level with 2005 and hologram packaging material market will rise greatly.

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